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What is Japan Rescue Association?

Japan Rescue Association is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which engages in disaster search dogs’ training, and deploys them as an international relief organization in the event of a disaster regardless of whether it is home or abroad.

It also engages in therapy dogs’ training, and provides therapy dog visits to nursing homes, hospitals and schools as well as animal welfare through rescuing abandoned dogs and cats. It has been granted a certified Non-Profit Organization (NPO) by the government.

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Name Certified NPO – Japan Rescue Association
Address 2-2-13 Simogawara, Itami-city
Hyogo prefecture, 664-0832, Japan
TEL 072-770-4900
FAX 072-770-4950
E-mail info@japan-rescue.com
Establishment September 1, 1995
Board Members Vice-president   HIRONARI ITO
Director   TAKERU OKA
Staff Members Please see “Staff Members” Japanese only
Sponsor Companies and Support Organizations Please see “Sponsor Companies and Support Organizations” Japanese only

Japan Rescue Association Three of Activities

1. Disaster Search Dog Training and Deployment

Japan Rescue Association deploys disaster search dogs to disaster stricken areas, both domestically and internationally, in the event of a disaster occurrence.

Day-to-day training is essential to be ready for deployment at any time when necessary.

→About Disaster Search Dogs

Disaster Search Dog Training and Deployment

2. Therapy Dog Training and Visits

Japan Rescue Association trains therapy dogs and provides dog-assisted therapy for people in need such as elderly, patients with dementia, autism as well as those living in disaster-stricken areas, to help lift spirits and facilitate recovery both physically and mentally.

→About Therapy Dogs

About Therapy Dogs

3. Animal Welfare/Rescue

Little innocent lives are terminated, as many dogs and cats as 100 thousand a year, or 270 a day. They find their end in a gas chamber.

We are committed to promoting animal rescue and welfare to save those unfortunate dogs and cats

→About Animal Welfare/Rescue

Animal Welfare/Rescue


We accept your donation by PayPal or bank transfer(residents of Japan or those who have a bank account in Japan only).
Your donations help sustain and expand our activities.

  1. You can claim a tax deduction for donations made to Japan Rescue Association. Please contact us via Inquiry Form for more details.
  2. For continuously supporting us, please see “Supporter Membership”.  Japanese only
  3. For information about a receipt issued for your donation and our personal information handling policy, please see the “FAQ about Donations”. For other inquiries, please contact us via the “Inquiry Form”.

Donate by Credit Card

Donate by PayPal

Support for Japan Rescue Association operations

  1. Minimum donation amount: ¥1,000(¥1000 :Approx. $10 USD)
  2. Please select the donation type, quantity and press the “PayPal checkout” button to proceed.

Donate by Bank Transfer

Donation by bank transfer is only applicable to residents of Japan or those who have a bank account in Japan.

If you would like to donate by bank transfer, then please send donations to either one of the following accounts. As we cannot identify the sender of each donation, please inform us of your donation after the settlement by bank transfer is completed via “inquiry form”.

Bank Name: Japan Post Bank
Account no. 00930-2-22901
Account holder: エヌピーオーホウジンニホンレスキューキョウカイ
Swift Code: JPPSJPJ1
Bank Tel: +81-48-096-7628

Bank Name: Resona Bank, Limited
Branch Name: Toyonaka
Account type: Saving
Account no. 4277866
Account holder: エヌピーオーホウジンニホンレスキューキョウカイ
Swift Code: DIWAJPJT
Bank Tel: +81-6-6854-1221

  1. Minimum donation amount: ¥1,000(¥1000 :Approx. $10 USD)

Frequently Asked Questions about your donation

Receipt for Donation

Q. Can I get a receipt if I donate?

A. If you need a receipt for your donation, please contact us via Inquiry Form.

Donations made by credit card are credited to our account the month after next, and that date will be used for the receipt. Please note that it takes approximately three months before we issue the receipt for your donation if paid by credit card.

Please keep the receipt at hand as you can claim for tax deduction for donations made to Japan Rescue Association. (Residents of Japan only)

Tax Break (Tax Deduction for Donations)

Q. What is the tax break (tax deduction for donations)?

A.When a donation is made to the organizations such as “Special Public Interest Promotion Corporation” and “Certified NPO” by individuals or companies, a certain amount of tax deduction is granted based on the amount of the donation made. (Residents of Japan only)

Personal Information Handling Policy

We, Japan Rescue Association, shall neither use the personal information acquired by us for any purpose other than for creating a donator list, mailing our public relations magazines, issuing a certificate of appreciation etc., nor disclose such information to third party except if agreed in advance by the person identified by such information.

As the method of showing our appreciation, please allow us to post the names of donators on our public relations magazines, web page etc., as a token of our appreciation, instead of sending thanks letters and receipts individually so that we can make some savings and use them effectively as our working capital. We appreciate your understanding.

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